" Well let me tell you, that they are amazing. They helped me and I have to say I highly recommend to give them a try because it worked for me.

If you don't feel like yourself, sick, not right or confused; go see them because they sure did help me. I feel really good and energised and I am happy and I know what to do from now on. Thank you so much again,  Yogini and Kusumah,  I can't thank you enough for how good I really feel, I am so glad I found you.  You are amazing!"
Maria Enach. Feb. 2016

My healings with Yogini and Kusumah were a turning point in my life, I felt an instant shift in energy after the first healing and haven't looked back. I highly recommend contacting Yogini and discussing your needs with her. I'm sure she will have the answers you are looking for.​
Julie Van Nispen  30/11/2014

Here's some comments from our beautiful clients, some who have become students as well.


" In early 2012, I was extremely unwell with chronic fatigue after a series of traumatic experiences over several years.  I was unable to work and could barely care for myself or leave the house.

I had tried about ten different healing modalities, none of which made a significant difference to my health. A close friend recommended that I see Yogini and Kusumah for healing.  I knew them already but had not seen them for years.

They welcomed me warmly, provided a safe space for me to relax and open up, and were very supportive, compassionate and insightful about my situation. I had a series of healings with them.  From the first healing, I started to feel better physically and emotionally. It was a gentle but extremely powerful process.  I felt that I was a partner in the healing process, and that the healings were achieved through a mutual commitment. By the time I had my last healing, I was back on my feet, and got an excellent job with more responsibility than I had ever had before.  I continued to get stronger, even after the healings had finished. 

Looking back, I can see that this was the first crucial step in an ongoing transformation which got me back on track, centred and stronger, and more self-aware.  The biggest difference was that I no longer felt like a sponge that soaked up other people's negativities.  I felt self-contained and protected in a way I had never felt before, and this has been ongoing. I will always remember and be grateful to Yogini and Kusumah's gift of this unique healing, for helping me to turn my life around."

Tirta Nicholson   13/03/2016.

Yogini and Kusumah are a powerful force. I was first introduced to them by a close friend who felt that a lot of my problems seemed to repeat themselves over the years. 
As well as this I was going through a period of grief after losing my mother.
My friend had gone to see them and they had helped her considerably.
On first meeting  (2013) I found them to be very warm and friendly and their approach very nurturing. Making something that could seem quite confronting and a little spooky seem safe and under control.
After a few sessions with them I began to feel much less restless and more connected with the world around me and my sense of wellbeing greatly returned.
Yogini has also since cleared and protected two of my homes over the years, and with Kusumah she recently expelled a nasty spirit from my latest home.
I recommend them to anyone looking to change some negative aspects of their life or who feels that they not behaving true to their heart.
Bring with you an open mind. :)

​Melinda.    15/03/2016

​" I went to Puri Metamba for some healing sessions in 2014. I found Yogini to be tremendously intuitive, warm and empathetic. I felt comfortable with her instantly.

The passion Yogini and Kusumah have for their healing practice is evident in everything they do. The sessions aren’t timed, but finish when the client is ready. Yogini kept in touch with me after the sessions to check in on how I was going and at each visit kindly picked me up and dropped me off at the station nearby.

Every step along the way, I felt that Yogini and Kusumah truly cared about me and my wellbeing, going above and beyond to facilitate my healing. I feel my sessions at Puri Metamba helped to lift my depression and enable me to take on the rest of my healing journey. "